On-campus summer Application Form

Corsi in presenza - sessione estiva - scheda d'iscrizione

1. Campus and timetable

The course will take place in the campus of the Accademia Vivarium novum in the city of Frascati, near to Rome. For the complete immersion in an environment where Latin and Greek are the only language spoken to be effective, it is necessary to reside on the campus grounds. The Academy consists of a large number of dormitories, lecture halls, study spaces, a library, a dining hall and a splendid garden.

Lessons will be held from Monday to Saturday, and last one or two weeks (depending on the module) with the following timetable:

8.00-9.00: breakfast
9.00-11.00: first session
12.30-13.30: tutoring session
13.30: lunch
15.00-17.00: second session
19.30-21.00: tutoring session, didactical plays and curricular activities
(dramatizations, music, linguistic games, use of audiovisual equipment etc.)
21.00: dinner

Although students will have free time at their disposal, they need to realize from the outset that the courses are extremely demanding: they should not expect that they consist of some "vacation-studying" nor to only have to dedicate a small part of their time to the amount of work which the courses require. They must scrupulously observe the times indicated and homework assigned if they want to successfully reach the goal of language mastery. On Sunday there will be an excursion to an archeological site.

2. Modules:

All courses provide immersive teaching in Latin or Greek.

In addition to classes, in Greek 2 and Latin 2 modules, students will have access to a portal specially designed for each course with multimedia exercises and additional supplementary content. Teachers will have access to the results of students’ completed exercises in order to monitor their progress and help them to overcome any difficulties they might have.

Classes of about 25-35 students will take place in the campus of the Academy. Students will also have additional meetings with tutors in smaller groups of about 5-10 in which they will have the opportunity to complete additional exercises, practice conversation in Latin and Greek, and ask questions.

In the summer on-campus term, the Academy organizes these 4 modules:

  • Otia Tusculana: advanced level, 1-6 July 2024
  • Hellenike synousia: advanced level, 8-13 July 2024
  • Greek 2: intermediate level, 22 July - 3 August 2024
  • Latin 2: intermediate level, 5-17 August 2024

For all other levels, please refer to the distance learning program.

Courses will be held only if a minimum of 20 students is reached.

3. Costs and enrollment

In order to participate, students are required to fill out the application form and send a 30% deposit of the total program fee. The participation cost covers lessons and full boarding and lodging. The all-inclusive cost of participation in each single module of two weeks is € 1,500; for the one-week modules (Otia Tusculana and Hellenike synousia), the cost is € 750; the payment must be transferred exclusively in euros, by credit card or wire transfer.

The Academy is a no-profit organisation: all proceeds will be used to fund scholarships granted to youths attending the Academy's courses for the academic year 2024-2025 at Vivarium Novum, and to support the necessary renovation works of the Villa Falconieri, where the Academy is housed.

To request admission one must fill out and submit the application form. Available seats are limited.

If any difficulties are encountered, please send an e-mail to: scholae-aestivae@vivariumnovum.net

To register for courses and reserve a spot, one must send the application form along with a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total price. Due to rising demand from people throughout the entire world, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible: the receipt of the first deposit is considered as the registration day. Please however wait the answer of our secretaries before you send the deposit: there are only few places available.

4. Scholarships

In order to sustain those who have greater difficulties in paying the tuition fees, the Academy Vivarium novum will grant 10 scholarships for participation in the courses. No specific eligibility is required for applying.

We ask all interested parties to fill the following application form and send a presentation letter and a curriculum of previous studies along with an ID document to scholae-aestivae@vivariumnovum.net before April 14, 2024.

Students who have attended the three levels of Latin or Greek languages in our distance learning program are automaticaly eligible (according to space availability) to participate once in Otia Tusculana and Hellenike synousia free of charge.

5. Application Form

Personal details
Contact details
Academic information and motivation letter

Please describe your previous studies, your current school or faculty and write a short motivation letter.

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