To our benefactors

The life of the Academy and the studies of the young men who live there depend in large part on the spontaneous and selfless support of several friends and collaborators; on the now exhausted financial resources of its founders; on the proceeds of the publishing house under the Academy's name, which not only spreads new didactic methodologies in Italy and abroad but also generously transfers its profits to the Academy; and, lastly, on the munificence and generosity of patrons who wish to promote the Academy's ideals and sustain its activities.

If you would like to contribute to the support of the students and the promotion of their research, to the success of the cultural initiatives and the daily didactic practice of the campus, you can direct your donation to the following account:

1. Bank account

IBAN: IT11 W051 5612 600C C000 0043 144
Held by the Accademia Vivarium novum
Bank name: Banca di Piacenza
Bank address: Via Mazzini, 20 - 29121 Piacenza

2. PayPal & Credit Card

Message from the President

There is no academic institution that does not need the support of all those who believe in it, the values it promotes, and the training it offers. This is particularly true for institutions that exercise a greater freedom from market imperatives, conformity, or political and economic factions. Our Academy has retained this freedom at enormous cost to those who have founded and currently direct it. Until now, we have been able to pursue what we believe to be the best path in educating young people, using the most effective methods taught by those who feel their job to be a true mission, as was done in the great humanistic schools preceding us. The contribution of those who appreciate our work and its results is decisive in ensuring that our institution retains its fundamental tenets and continues to progress into the future.

In this age of sordid individualism, prevailing egoism, and suffocating pragmatism, our Academy remains totally dedicated to a worldly education geared toward the achievement of personal dignity and freedom, attained through critical dialogue with our ancestors and meditation on the great works that they have handed down to us: a path that forms the heart, the mind, and the spirit, but that does not neglect - in the ideal of a mens sana in corpore sano - a proper physical education. The independence of our institution can be maintained only through the collective effort and earnest zeal of all those who believe in it. While the establishment of language courses can provide a source of income, we are convinced that an education in the orbis doctrinarum, which nourishes the mind and body, and leads to personal transformation, must not be in any way subject to the market. We therefore favor students who are unable to finance their studies on their own, as we believe that, in a family like ours, offering knowledge for sale would be an act of simony.

Those who live together, talk together, and share every part of their daily lives together, leading to the attainment of truth, beauty, and goodness, as much as is possible for man, cannot offer for sale their perpetual co-existence and shared research. This is why all students at our Academy are supported through a system of scholarships and grants that cover all expenses for room, board, tuition, etc. The contribution of donors will allow hundreds of young people to continue to enjoy this unique experience, which will bring new life to our age, currently oppressed by violence, greed, and an overall deterioration of morality. The Humanistic vision of free inquiry, rational thought, and unparalleled excellence in erudition, renewed in schools and universities through the formation of new generations of educators, is a real hope of cultural rebirth that can be nourished by the support of many.

Luigi Miraglia, President

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the Academy need financial support?

Students who attend the Academy are all supported by a system of scholarships and do not pay any charges for food, housing, tuition, excursions, etc. The Academy does not have any regular public support; costs are covered by the publishing house and various benefactors. The contribution of the latter is essential to ensure the school’s existence, allowing it to continue to deliver excellent results, while also being protected from circumstances that would compromise its independence.

2. With a goal of €3,000,000, will my support make any difference?

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.
Regular donations made through a direct debit monthly or bimonthly are a very effective way to support the Academy and its activities. If fifty people donate €25 per month, the total collected in five years will be €75,000. If fifty people donate €50 per month, the total collected in five years will be €150,000. If fifty people donate €150 per month, the total collected in five years will be €450,000.

3. What is the "Nourish the seed" campaign?

"Nourish the Seed" is an international fund-raising campaign seeking to reach €3,000,000 by 2012. The money collected will not only grant scholarships to fifty students from all over the world so that they may study at the Academy and develop their potential, but will also increase the activities of the Academy, provide funding to pay seven teachers, purchase essential equipment, and expand the library. In this way, the seed which was planted and has already produced its first shoots, can finally begin to mature and bear its full fruit.

4. How will the money raised be used?

Each donor may dedicate his or her offerings to one of the specific objectives proposed by the campaign "Nourish the Seed": A) scholarships for fifty students; B) equipment and books for the library; C) cultural trips and lessons; D) audiovisual equipment for theater, music, and movie activities; E) funds to pay seven teachers.

5. What is the total cost to support one student of the Academy for a year?

The total cost per student (including accommodation, meals, books and other teaching materials, tuition, educational visits, and other expenses) is €19,968.43 per year.