1. Costs and enrollment

In order to participate, students are required to fill out the application form. In the event of their acceptance, they are required to send in a 30% deposit of the total program fee in order to reserve their spot. All courses offerred are not for profit, as the Academy Vivarium novum is a non-profit organization. The participation cost covers:

  • Classes
  • Online didactic material

Students will pay for their own textbooks and purchase them in their own countries: only in the event that books aren't available for purchase in a certain region will the Academy ship them by express courier. In this case, only the cost of shipping will be charged to the student.

All proceeds from the summer courses will be used to fund scholarships granted to youths attending the Academy's courses for the academic year 2021-2022 at the Vivarium novum, and to support the necessary renovation works of the Villa Falconieri, where the Academy is housed.

The payment must be transferred exclusively in euros, by paypal or wire transfer.

To request admission one must fill out and submit the following application form.

2. Scholarships

In order to sustain those who have greater difficulties in paying the tuition fees, the Academy Vivarium novum will grant 25 scholarships for participation in the courses. No specific eligibility is required for applying. We ask all interested parties to fill the following application form and send a presentation letter and a curriculum of previous studies along with an ID document to e-longinquo@vivariumnovum.net before September 30.

You can apply to our summer course through this form. You will first receive an automatic email to confirm that your application has been received, then, within 3 days, a confirmation message from our secretaries.

If you are using Safari or Internet explorer, please make sure to enter your birthday in this exact format: YYYY-MM-DD (with the dashes), otherwise the system will not process it.

Personal details
Contact details
Academic information and motivation letter

Please describe your previous studies, your current school or faculty and write a short motivation letter.

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